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Streaming any media on the Internet today may seem like a daunting task, but our streaming experts are standing by to assist in understanding your options and selecting the best format to deliver your content. Our experts can also guide you through the encoding and integration process to ensure your viewers are delivered the best possible streaming experience. You only have one opportunity to make a great first impression, and our content delivery network will ensure your message is delivered exactly as envisioned.

Windows Media
Windows Media offers the highest quality video codec for streaming media with the Windows Media 9 Video Codec (also known as VC-1, the HD-DVD standard), and is viewable by one of the largest web audiences. Every Windows computer has the Windows Media Player already installed, and Mac users are able to view Windows Media content with a free QuickTime plug-in as well. With the advent of Microsoft Silverlight, viewing Windows Media is now possible across almost all browsers and platforms, including Linux.

Flash Video Streaming
Flash Video Streaming is viewable by the largest web audience, though only slightly larger than Windows Media. While the video quality provided by the Flash VP6 video codec is considered very good, it is not quite as good as the video quality provided by Windows Media and support for Live Flash broadcasting is not yet available. The greatest advantage offered by Flash is the ability to create customized players that can be tightly integrated with your site and provide advanced functionality.

QuickTime Streaming
QuickTime Streaming has grown due to the bundled installation with Apple iPods, however QuickTime still has a limited web audience when compared to either Windows Media or Flash. While QuickTime Streaming with the H.264 video codec rivals the video quality of Windows Media, and is superior to the Flash VP6 codec, it is generally limited to specialized applications that require H.264 such as cell phones and Second Life.