Flash Animation is an animated addition to any website. Some clients have their entire site in flash, while others just want a flash introduction, and others only thier logo or a banner to draw attention to the site.

To see an example of our flash work, click the following examples:

Flash Intro : Flash examples can be viewed here. Pro Ambitions uses a flash intro. A short animation which the user can "skip" and go right to the sight, or watch the whole intro and enter the site at the end.

Entire Website in Flash: On Your Toes Dancewear. We created On Your Toes Dancewear in Flash. They have constant music, not only animation on the page, but animation between screens. see

Flash for Logo: Life Alive is a company that wanted flash to animate their logo
please visit Flash examples can be viewed here.

Flash Banner Advertizement : Pro Ambitions uses a flash banners to put on different websites that they want to advertise on. A short selection of flash banner animation can be viewed here. We will work with you to put your message on a flash animation banner that people will just have to click on to see more!

for more examples of our flash work, please see our portfolio page


Please contact us today to put some Flash on your site!